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Become a Reviewer for or THE NEW SOCIAL WORKERŽ
Find out how to review books for us.

By Linda Grobman
Posted Sunday, February 16, 2003 is the social work book review site brought to you by White Hat Communications, publisher of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER, the magazine for social work students and recent graduates.

We receive review copies of new social work related books from their publishers. We then match them with our list of reviewers and assign them for review. If assigned a book review, you agree to review the book by the specified deadline. Once you have reviewed a book, you may keep the review copy for your own professional library.

Book reviewer qualifications are as follows:

You must be a social work practitioner, educator, or student.
You must not have a conflict of interest in regard to the book you are reviewing, and must be at "arm's length" from the author/publisher. If, after receiving a book to review, you discover that you have a conflict, you must inform us and return the book to us.
You must have excellent analysis and writing skills.
You must be able to meet deadlines.
If you would like to review social work related books for and/or THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER, please contact Linda Grobman, Editor, with the following information:

Your social work qualifications
Your areas of interest/types of books you would like to review
Your writing experience and a brief sample of your writing
You may either e-mail (preferred) or send this information to Linda Grobman, Editor, THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER, P.O. Box 5390, Harrisburg, PA 17110-0390.

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