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Welcome to SocialWorkBooks.Info!
Welcome to the Social Work Books Site!

By Linda May Grobman
Posted Monday, March 24, 2003


Dear Visitor:

Hundreds of books are published each year that relate to social work. As editor of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER magazine, I often receive review copies from publishers, but there is only a limited amount of space available in a print format.

So, to make information about more of these books available, I decided to start, the first specialized book review site focusing on social work books. One of my goals is to let social workers, educators, and students know about the many excellent books that are published by smaller, lesser-known publishers. These are books that you may not hear about otherwise. Some real gems can be found in a lesser-known publisher's catalog!

I get excited when I find a really good social work book. I want to share that excitement with others who can benefit from these books.

Please take a look around the site, and enjoy!

Linda May Grobman, ACSW, LSW

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